Representing the pinnacle of elegance, Daisy Exquisite is crafted with a 10th gauge for a sumptuous finish and boasts an elevated level of polypropylene twist, ensuring maximum performance. Perfect for high-traffic areas such as living rooms, hallways, and stairs this range is 100% Polypropylene and bleach cleanable giving you peace of mind against all common household stains and everyday spillages. 
DEX 2671 
DEX 2672 
DEX 2673 
DEX 2674 
DEX 2675 
DEX 2676 
DEX 2677 
DEX 2678 
DEX 2679 
DEX 2680 
DEX 2681 
DEX 2682 
DEX 2683 
DEX 2684 
DEX 2685 
DEX 2686 
DEX 2687 
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