Carpets – Real Home Comfort

Our showroom has a wide selection of carpets starting from just £10 sq. metre to fulfil all your flooring needs in terms of both price and desirability including velvets, Twists, Berbers and Naturals along with the ever popular Stripes in both loop and cut pile variations.    Most carpets are available in both 4 & 5 metre widths although some are available in additional 2 & 3 metres wide especially suitable for rooms that are both long and narrow.We also provide carpets and flooring for all types of commercial premises such as shops and offices and nursing homes. Whatever the type of carpet you may be looking for we are confident of finding a suitable match from the hundreds of samples we have in our showroom.

Twist Pile – The Twist pile carpet is probably the most popular carpet supplied in the UK and is made from either wool or manmade fibres or more often a mix of both by twisting either one or two yarns together giving rise to the term Cut pile carpet.

Olympic Twist Flapjack web 2014

Loops/Naturals – Extremely popular this contemporary choice of carpet often referred to as Loop or Natural is available in many designs from plain fine loops to more elaborate trellis designs and ribs in varying size loops. The toughest are usually the tighter low level loops that will be more resistant to crushing than a cut pile. Again available in both wool and manmade fibres or a mix of both.


Velvets – Although not as popular as the Twists and Loop Naturals a good quality Velvet looks superb when fitted and will give extremely good wear over many years although it may be a little less forgiving than the above ranges and can more susceptible to pile shading.

Velvet carpet

Natural Fibres – Sisal, Seagrass Coir & Jute, Again not as popular as the Twists and Naturals but with an almost cult following these carpets can look spectacular when newly fitted and are extremely tough although it is essential that customers understand that they have little natural resistance to staining and that being a natural product shade differences between roll batches can occur.Seams may be more obvious than traditional carpets and wisps and frags in the weave are a common feature, care must also be taken if using Seagrass on stairs as it can become slippery.Not a cheap option if fitted properly as the fitting costs are typically far greater than that of the more traditional carpet types.